Endowments, Scholarships, Awards and our General Fund allow the Foundation of the AAGL to further educational and scientific independence, promote quality, and ensure financial stability.

In recognition of varied interests, available giving opportunities include—but are not limited to—scholarships to send residents or fellows to the AAGL Annual Congress; awards for the top research in minimally invasive gynecology; support for mentors of gynecologic surgeons of the future; recognition for best new instrumentation; and more!

Endowments are restricted with the principal held in perpetuity, while the earnings from the invested assets are expended per the donor’s specification. Endowments are governed by a minimum corpus of $25,000; only the residual interest is spent to fund endowed awards. Scholarships have fewer restrictions but are no-less impactful in terms of honoree recognition and practice advancement. The day to day operations of the Foundation are powered by our General Fund.

To learn more about how you can make a meaningful and lasting contribution to your profession by giving to the Foundation of the AAGL, please contact The Foundation of the AAGL at 714-503-6200 or foundation@aagl.org.

General Fund


A donation to the General Fund covers the administrative operations of the Foundation. Because no administrative costs are deducted from gifts, the General Fund is essential so that the AAGL Foundation can continue to provide excellent support to our donors.  Your contribution to the General Fund allows us to:

  • Take care of donors’ needs, such as handling phone calls and processing donations, receipts and records updates.
  • Provide for staff to apply/administer grants and handle such details as website maintenance, benefits, taxes, and compliance laws.
  • Create avenues of communication through the website, social media, and email.

Noteworthy Awards

These endowments fund awards for exceptional individuals who are selected through a nomination process.


The Leila V. Adamyan Innovation in Surgery and Reproductive Medicine Endowment was established in honor of Dr. Adamyan whose groundbreaking contributions have had a profound impact on gynecologic surgery. Dr. Adamyan developed innovative methods of diagnosis and treatment for different gynecological diseases and is the author of three diagnostic classifications: adenomyosis, retrocervical endometriosis, and mullerian anomalies. She expanded education in Reproductive Health and Gynecologic Surgery in Russia and created over 20 national standards in Reproductive Health. Her expertise has been disseminated nationally and internationally through vast amounts of published work, appearances on national media programs and the generous, ongoing mentorship of professors, physicians, surgeons and residents worldwide. This endowment awards individuals whose innovative contributions have had a significant impact on the science, practice, technology, and/or education of gynecology and gynecologic surgery nationally, regionally, or internationally.


Dr. Hasson was a true visionary, dedicated physician, and prolific inventor of surgical and educational devices and techniques: His legacy endures with the cannula and open laparoscopy techniques that bear his name. The 19th president of AAGL, Dr. Hasson was a passionate proponent of lifelong learning for surgical gynecologists.

Established in 2013 by Dr. Hasson’s family, this scholarship provides for a deserving physician from an AAGL Affiliated Society in a developing economy to attend the annual AAGL Global Congress on Minimally Invasive Gynecology. Additionally, Sharon Sharrett-Hasson, wife of Dr. Hasson, presents a commemorative plaque at a general session at the Global Congress.


Established in 2018, this award will honor the outgoing AAGL President’s leadership by providing support to bring an Ob/Gyn resident to AAGL’s Annual Global Congress. Residents finishing their 3rd year are eligible to apply for this award and nominees will be selected by their Chair.  An AAGL designated panel will review nominees and will select the winner.   Nominees must submit a statement as to why they have an interest in gynecologic surgery, what first interested them in MIGS, possible career plans including further training and what they hope to gain from attending the AAGL Annual Global Congress.

This award will provide funding to the AAGL Annual Global Congress, hotel stay for three (3) nights and reimbursement up to $500 for airfare.


The John F. Steege Mentorship Endowment, established in 2015, recognizes outstanding AAGL members who have provided at least ten years of support and mentorship to future generations of minimally invasive gynecologic surgeons. Dr. Steege famously created one of the AAGL’s earliest Fellowships with the objective of training academicians; many of his original fellows have remained in academic positions with several going on to establish their own fellowship programs. This endowment honors that tradition of education and is supported by an educational grant from CooperSurgical.

Signature Awards

These endowments, awards and funds provide awards for winning manuscripts.


Established in 2004 and named for the 26th President of the AAGL, this endowment provides an award for the best paper on minimally invasive gynecology along with an invitation to present at the AAGL annual meetings. Dr. Cooper was renowned for his clarity of vision and gift for communication. This award is a tribute to his passion for excellence in women’s healthcare, both in research and in surgical education.


The Golden Hysteroscope Award is presented by the Foundation of the AAGL for the best paper on hysteroscopy. This paper is selected by a committee of expert physicians and are deemed to be the “best of the best”. The Golden Hysteroscope Award is supported by an educational grant from Olympus America Inc.


The Golden Laparoscope Award is presented by the Foundation of the AAGL for the best surgical video on laparoscopy. This video is selected by a committee of expert physicians and are deemed to be the “best of the best”. The Golden Laparoscope Awards is supported by an educational grant from Olympus America Inc.


Dr. Hoffman was an early AAGL Board member, a philanthropist, and an educator who believed strongly in championing residents and fellows. Dr. Hoffman was enthusiastically supportive of the Foundation of the AAGL and was its first Executive Director. Established in 2008, this fund recognizes the Best Abstract by a Resident or Fellow.


Dr. Hulka was the fifth President of the AAGL and also served on the first AAGL Board of Trustees. Renowned for his commitment to women’s reproductive rights and to making obstetrical, gynecological, and infertility procedures safer and less invasive, he was an innovator, artist, author, and a dedicated mentor to many young gynecologists. This award was established in 2015 to recognize outstanding Ob-Gyn residents and fellows from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Dr. Hulka’s alma mater.


Established in 2004 to honor Dr. Hunt, the founding Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of the AAGL (now called the Journal of Minimally Invasive Gynecology or JMIG), this endowment provides an annual award for the Best Abstract Published in JMIG. Dr. Hunt, who was President of both the AAGL and the Foundation of the AAGL, is best remembered for creating an esteemed academic journal which has educated and informed physicians worldwide for more than a quarter century and is still going strong.


Colonel Daniel F. Kott was a pioneer in the field of medical audiovisual technology. Colonel Kott practiced at Tripler Army Medical Center where the AAGL held some of its earliest meetings. It was Colonel Kott who documented our first live surgeries by videotaping them—a unique concept in 1973! Established in 1996, this award is given annually to recognize the Best Abstract on New Instrumentation or Technology.


Established in 2005 and named for the founder and inaugural President of the AAGL, this endowment provides funding for research, fellowships and patient education.  Honoring the visionary, perceptive leadership of Dr. Phillips, the keynote address is a defining moment at the opening session of each year’s Congress, typically highlighting topics pertaining to women’s health around the world.  Funding for research provides AAGL’s Research Committee the ability to identify key topics in need of further study for AAGL members; facilitate funding and collaboration; promote innovation; and, advance research education.   The Jordan M. Phillips Endowment also provides grants to support the Fellowships in MIGS to help further their education; and, this endowment also supports funding dedicated to patient education by providing support to develop tools to educate women about their gynecological treatment choices and the benefits of minimally invasive procedures.


This award honors the “Father of Laparoscopy,” Dr. Kurt Semm. An early adopter of endoscopic gynecology, Dr. Semm’s legacy lives on in his eponymous medical instruments and techniques that continue to be employed by physicians to make endoscopic surgery more effective and efficient. Given annually to recognize the Best Abstract on Laparoscopic Surgeries.