The Board of Directors is the principal policy-making body of the Foundation of the AAGL. Responsible for managing the affairs and strategic direction of the organization, the Board also oversees the investment policy and ascertains that contributions are allocated in accordance with donor agreements.


Vadim V. Morozov, MD, FACOG, FACS

Medstar Washington Hospital Center/Georgetown University, Washington D.C.

I am passionate to continue the legacy of the AAGL, seeking and providing support for development of new technology, merit-based research and education. I am striving to provide the Foundation of the AGGL with means necessary to achieve those goals.


Lori L. Warren, MD, FACOG, FPMRS

Cosmetic Gynecologist, Louisville Kentucky

It is an honor for me to serve on the AAGL Foundation Board, and as an advocate for women’s health, I strive to inspire and support quality care, education, and better access for minimally invasive surgery.


Amy L. Garcia, MD

Center for Women’s Surgery, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Whether it is through surgical education, mentorship, outreach, or patient advocacy, the values and vision of the Foundation of the AAGL meet squarely with my own. Because for us both, at the end of what we do, is another woman whose life will be changed for the better.


Charles E. Miller, MD, FACOG

The Advanced IVF Institute, Chicago, Illionois

The AAGL must support the surgical innovation and academic pursuit of all AAGL members, whether it be from the university, the large medical group or the individual surgeon whose forward thinking has historically been the backbone of MIGS.


Mary Bonnet

Vice President, The Oppenheim Group and Cast Member of the Award-Winning Netflix Show “Selling Sunset”, West Hollywood, California

Every woman deserves the spotlight in matters of medical care, and I’m dedicated to ensuring the necessary resources and attention are at the forefront.


Andrew I. Brill, MD

Retired Director, MIGS, California Pacific Medical Center, San Francisco, California

The mission and vision statements of the Foundation are completely harmonious with my own beliefs and values.


Louise P. King, MD, JD

Brigham and Women’s Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts

My goal is to bring the unique perspectives of ethics, law, and education into conversations about how best to leverage our combined voices to lead the change we wish to see.


Gaby Moawad, MD, FACOG

The Center for Endometriosis & Advanced Pelvic Surgery. Washington, D.C.

The AAGL foundation can help bridge the gap between continents and countries to impact global healthcare, advocate for patients and their access to care and truly elevate gynecologic surgery. My role is to attract and enhance relationships with the most qualified healthcare professionals to become a model organization for global promotion and advanced surgical healthcare services.


Iris Kerin Orbuch, MD

Advanced Gynecologic Laparoscopy Center, Los Angeles, California

I am passionate about continuing the legacy of the AAGL while raising awareness about endometriosis and advancing minimally invasive surgery worldwide.


Ido Sirota, MD, FACOG

Center of Excellence in MIGS and Robotic Surgery, Raphael Hospitals, Tel Aviv, Israel

Together we are lifting the lid on women’s health to make meaningful change.


Wendy K. Winer, RN, BSN, CNOR, RNFA

It is with great enthusiasm and passion that I join the Board of the AAGL Foundation. I look forward to expanding mentorship, education, research, technology and leadership in conjunction with advancements for women around the world in minimally invasive surgery.


Linda Michels

Executive Director, AAGL, Cypress, California

As the Executive Director of the AAGL I create a bridge of consistency and historical knowledge between the AAGL and the Foundation of the AAGL.