As we embark on what will be another banner year for the Foundation of the AAGL, I find myself amazed by all that this organization has achieved in recent years and I am inspired to continue the dedication and hard work toward fulfilling our mission. The Foundation exists to provide the resources to support the AAGL by funding scholarships, teaching opportunities, academic research, global outreach, and mentorship―with the ultimate goal of elevating minimally invasive gynecologic surgery and improving women’s health.

This is an exciting time to support and be involved with the Foundation. In the upcoming year, we will be teaming up with industry, academia, individual donors, and various business partners from around the world to continue our upward trajectory toward the betterment of this great organization. In mid-January, the Foundation Board finalized our strategic plan, thereby solidifying our culture of philanthropy, while maximizing the full talent and diversity of the organization to further the mission of the AAGL. I am optimistic about the future and truly believe that the Foundation will continue forward with strong purpose and commitment. Thus, a sincere thank you to the entire Foundation Board for their perseverance, leadership, engagement, and dedication this year.

None of these endeavors are possible, however, without the tremendous generosity of our AAGL members and donors. Through your donations, more scholarships and training opportunities are awarded to OB-GYN residents, AAGL Fellows, Young Alumni, and AAGL members every year. Most importantly, your contribution fosters outreach, education and training opportunities, and provides community benefits for local and global underserved populations. In the years to come, we hope to expand our resources and thereby expand the frontier of MIGS by providing resources to support innovative research in the complex field of women’s health. Put simply, through your generous contributions, you are creating the opportunities, and you are improving lives.

This is your AAGL, your Foundation, and your Future. You Make the Difference.

R. Edward Betcher, MD, FACOG
Acting President, Foundation of the AAGL