As we embark on a new year for the Foundation of the AAGL, it is my privilege to support the organization that has become the premier association for gynecologic surgery worldwide. I am inspired to continue the dedication and hard work toward fulfilling our mission, even during these unprecedented times. The Foundation exists to provide the resources to support the AAGL by funding scholarships, teaching opportunities, academic research, global outreach, and mentorship―with the ultimate goal of elevating minimally invasive gynecologic surgery and improving women’s health.

As a medical community, we are facing new challenges that most of us in the United States have never had to face before.  Elective cases are being put on hold, many clinics are closing or on high alert and some of our patients are ill from the novel Coronavirus.  We are reminded to hold sacred that which is most valuable and important to us: our health and our loved ones.  Times of crisis can also remind us to give back to an organization that has supported our careers, fostered our continued learning and kept us at the frontier of surgery and medicine.

In January of this year, the Foundation Board met and finalized our strategic plan, clarified our mission and solidified our culture of philanthropy. I am optimistic about the future and truly believe that the Foundation will continue forward with strong purpose and commitment. Thus, a sincere thank you to the entire Foundation Board for their perseverance, leadership, engagement, and dedication this year.

What are our goals for this year? First, to exceed the amount raised last year, of course!  I would like to see us raise at least $200,000 in 2020.  I would like to see some of our pioneers and those who were founding members of this organization give back to the AAGL in honor of what AAGL has done to elevate their careers and I would like to see us raise the funds to support the implementation of EMIG into every single obstetrics and gynecology program in this country and beyond.

None of these endeavors are possible without the tremendous generosity of each of you, our AAGL members and donors. Your generous contributions are creating the opportunities, and improving lives.  Your giving absolutely makes a difference.

This is your AAGL, your Foundation, and your Future. You Make the Difference.

Shanti Mohling, MD, FACOG
President, Foundation of the AAGL